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More skin care


I made a few more skin care things this long-weekend. This moisture gel is the one I was most eager to try so I’m a bit sad that I wasn’t thrilled with it.

The consistency and the function is ok, but the only way to scent it was to use a herbal distillate. The recipe called for peppermint but when I tried it in the shop I thought the Neroli smelled better.

Once I got the gel finished I did not like the scent at all. I’ve still used it though but I want to make up a new batch using peppermint instead.

Mixing it was a bit complicated. It contains a gelling agent that needs to be dissolved completely which took a bit of stirring and whisking, but then you shouldn’t whisk too much or it would become too aerated. But I want to give it another go – I just need more bottles.


This is another thing I mixed up – it was less complicated. It’s a face mask. In the little unmarked jar (the writing smudged on the label just before I took this picture) is a mixture of finely ground oatmeal and white clay, and the bottle contains an infusion using hibiscus.

Since the infusion contains water the mask should be mixed just before use, so I put them in two jars to be mixed on demand. I did read a tip on the blog to mix it for use and then freeze it in little ice cube trays. I’m giving this one a try first before I make a bigger batch.


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