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Sunday was Valborg, in other parts of the world known as Walpurgis Night. We celebrate the beginning of Spring by lighting huge (hm, well) bonfires and singing traditional spring songs.

The bonfire nearest to where we live is always a bit lacking. It lights up and burns out quickly so lately we have chosen not to go there but rather staying home and grilling some hot dogs and eating s’mores.

I think the s’mores are considered the vital part of Valborg these days in our household. Both Isabel and Sofia count on it happening.


We don’t have graham crackers in Sweden, and the digestive biscuits we do have are a bit too sweet to pair with marshmallows so I am always on the lookout for an alternative. I found an oat biscuit this year but it was too big, and the square one in the picture has the right taste but it is a bit too thick and hard to bite off.

The marshmallows were perfect though – even if I did set mine on fire.


3 thoughts on “Valborg

  1. Your s’mores look delicious!! And thankyou for telling me you use digestive biscuits. We don’t have graham crackers here in Germany and haven’t had them since moving here. I think a little burnt on the marshmellows tastes delicous! 🙂

    1. Thank you! They were delicious. I’m unsure about how graham crackers taste – they look quite thin (I’ve only seen them in American cooking shows), are they sweet as well? I often see sugar added to graham crumbs in cheesecake crusts for example. That is not necessary if you use McVities Digestives.

      1. The original graham crackers are slightly sweet. I really like & miss them. Mc Vities, I think I have actually seen those in one of our grocery stores – I’ll definitely pick some up. thx 🙂

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