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Book pile


I’m working on my book challenge and with more than 50 % of the year left I have read 70 % of the books I “have” to read.

This is the pile I have by my bed of books I want to read. I feel like I am constantly “improving” my tsundoku-skills. I keep buying books and I don’t have time to read them. In my darker moments I worry about all the books I will have on my bookcase that will still be unread when I die. Morbid I know.

I did however realise that if I finish the pile in the picture before Dec 31st I will have completed my challenge – only, I read 60 books last year and I would like to match that .. But 13 books in 6 months shouldn’t be a problem – especially since we are coming into summer and vacation is upon me soon.

Several of these are quick reads – the Jodi Taylor-books usually takes me a day or two because they are so fun and fast to read.

I finished Chalk by Paul Cornell yesterday and started on Every Heart A Doorway by Seanan McGuire immediately. I’m only one prologue and one chapter in and I already like it.


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