skin care

Bug repellant

I’ve not made any more skin care stuffs in a while but yesterday we had an info meeting with Isabel’s hiking group. They are going on an adventure this summer up north for a week of canoeing and the topic of bug repellant came up.

I remembered I had seen a post at Organic Makers about mosquito oil and spray and I just placed an order to make a batch so we can try it out before she leaves. Mainly to make sure it doesn’t give her a rash.

I also ordered ingredients to make some sun screen for her. I think I’ll e-mail them and ask if I can pick it up at their store so I can get to make them during this coming long weekend. Thursday is Ascension Day, Friday I have taken off (but I’ll be working at KodachiCon in Lund all day) and then it’s the weekend.


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