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Wild life

After a long break I started biking again in March but had a bit of a set back when I got a flat tire half way home one Friday.

Rickard patched it for me but then the weather was bad, we had activities in the evenings and I just in general made up every excuse possible not to bike to work.

Last weekend I made plans to start biking again when I discovered I once again had a flat tire. This time Rickard told me to hand it in to the bike shop and have them change the inner tube for me instead of him patching it once more.

I finally got around to it on Friday and I fully expected not to be able to bike this weekend either. But late Friday evening the bike shop called to say they had fixed it and it was ready for pick up. Since I had bought the bike where I dropped it off to be fixed I got the VIP-treatment. So Saturday I walked down there to pick it up before biking to the market with Rickard to buy cheese and veggies for the weekend.

This morning I set off at 7.30 am –  a bit late as it takes 25+ minutes for me to get to work and I don’t like getting there just at 8 am all sweaty and exhausted.
But I’ve been working out on the stationary bike at work while waiting to get the tire fixed and it has made a bit of a difference.
I got to the office in 22 minutes in 2nd gear or higher all the way. (There are three gears on my bike.) I didn’t even have any issues with the last little incline just outside the office where I usually have to go in 1st gear and even on occasion have had to get off the bike and walk which is always so embarrassing.

The same route home is down hill and always goes a lot faster and easier. 20 minutes flat today. I have done it in under 19 but not today.

On my way to the office the bike lane pass through wetlands and next to a brook and I get to see all sorts of wild life. Most common are the mallards, male and female, they flock to a pond just 1 mile from home. In that pond there are also Eurasian coots and in the brook next to it I once saw a beautiful common kingfisher. The colours on that one are amazing.

After that there is the horse race tracks and even though I’m early there are usually a few drivers out with their horses. Once I saw a lady out walking a pony on a leash. At first I thought it was a very big dog but when it bent down and started grazing I realised my mistake.IMG_1522

That is not a dog … but it is on a leash.


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