Summer Solstice


Mother Nature was showing off last night. The skies were amazing and the weather was so nice. Fitting for Summer Solstice Eve. I finished up a quilt for our cousin and got some nice pictures outside even though it was almost 10 pm.

The girls and I biked to town after work, which is a first. I had a book to pick up and for once I didn’t think “car” when I considered transport to town.

I was so surprised when they agreed to bike with me. I think the lure of the Science Fiction book store and dinner in town helped.

We have 7 km to the city centre and it took us 32 minutes. I used a new (to me) app to do a fun video of the route we took.

We took a slightly different route back home which ended up at 8 km. My knees were a bit sore when we came home but I’m hoping the weather holds tomorrow because I feel like biking again. I worry about damaging my knees as has happened before so I prefer to have a day of rest more often than not.



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