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My girls had a new baby cousin last week. We met her last night and I could finally give this set away.

I made the quilt this spring, I think I started in February and it’s been done and basted for ages because I dreaded quilting it. I wanted to FMQ it but I haven’t practised enough to attempt it on a gift quilt so in the end I opted for a large spiral.

I accidentally started it a bit off centre but I like the effect. Not everything needs to be symmetrical.

I also had to hold off on making the label until she was born and we knew what her name was going to be. The label I chose to make was a quick sew so I had it started and just added the name once we knew it.

When my girls were small we went through wash cloths and burp rags like there was no tomorrow so I spruced up a few matching ones as well. They are just regular wash cloths and towels from IKEA. I sort of origami-fold a charm square and put it on the corner where the little hanger usually is. I also rip off the laundry instructions and sew in my own label there.

On the towels I sewed four charms together and attached them along the centre of the towel. It looks a bit more fancy than a regular towel and the cotton fabric only gets softer in the wash and is smooth and soft to rest a tiny cheek on.

The baby was so tiny – that is to say she was pretty average sized, maybe on the smaller side – but compared to my 4600 g babies it felt like holding air when I got a bit of a cuddle in.

She had a diaper rash and was airing out her bum as I held her and after a while it got a bit warm and wet, then cold and wet as she peed all over me.

Worth it.


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