a day in the life

3 months later

Well, that was a long summer break. I’ve been back to work for two months already and completely got off the blogging train somewhere in July.


So to back track:

  • I finished my butterfly quilt in June and shipped it off to a long-arm quilter I managed to find in August and she’s finished and I will have it back home on Monday. I won’t bother doing an update on it until I have it bound and ready – sometime next week I hope.
  • I started on a new Elizabeth Hartman quilt – this time the Awesome Ocean one. It’s going a lot slower than the butterflies – I’m too busy reading to do much sewing in the evenings.
  • I’m at 82 books read this year. It sounds mad but there has been a few comics that Goodreads counts as separate books, I’ve been gorging myself on quick read romance novels and accompanying short stories which has upped the count. I have set a new goal twice this year – currently at 90 but who knows maybe I’ll get to 100 books read this year.
  • Like I said the reading takes up a lot of my sewing time but I still have plans. I need tees, Sofia has asked for a messenger bag and we have bought fabric for it and all. I want to try out the binder attachment to my coverlock and get confident using it. I also have a few cross stitch project lying around that I would like to finish and I think I should get to it before my eyesight gets any worse than it already is.
  • We sold our sofa last night. I put an ad up on Blocket at noon, got a txt at 4 pm asking for details and by 6 pm it was paid for and picked up. We’re going to IKEA tonight to order a new one.
  • Isabel went on a canoe trip this summer. She had a good time but it was harder than she had expected so she was happy to be home. She also started a new school this year for 7th grade (she’s 13). You could say it’s Advanced Placement in English. The school is in a different part of town so she has learnt how to navigate the bus system in town. No matter what bus route she chooses she has to change at least once. But she’s taken to it like a fish to water.
  • Sofia started 4th grade, at the same school with the same mentor but in a new building. She’s no longer in after-school care and since Isabel takes the bus Sofia gets a lot more free time at home in the afternoons. She’s not complaining.
  • What else? We’ve had some health issues in the family that’s been nagging me. I finally had a visit to an ENT-doctor to do an assessment on my cough and the meds I was prescribed seems to help. The cough (which I’ve had more or less constantly for three years) is improved, I’ve had a few set backs of course but on the whole it seems to be working. Fingers crossed it stays well.
  • However it means I had to stay off the coffee for a bit which has been the hardest part. Three weeks on I’ve cheated with tea but I’ve still to have coffee. This might change today when I take the girls to fika after school … we’ll see.



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