Book Thoughts: Unfit to Print


It can come as no surprise to any one who had cast a glance at my list of read books for 2017 and 2018 that I like K.J. Charles’s books.

This one is a long novella at about 40k words and I am so happy that K.J. polished it up and decided to publish it after all. She tells the story of how it came about herself on her blog.

The story is about lawyer Vikram and book-seller Gil and how they reconnect after events in their teens split them up. Gil’s disappearance has shaped much of Vikram’s life and seeing his friend again opens up parts of him that he has kept hidden from everyone, including himself.

Gil didn’t see his disappearance in the same light and while he may have given Vikram a thought or two over the years the reunion doesn’t have quite the same effect on him.

The two men join forces to find a missing boy whom they fear have met a gruesome end in the Victorian “filth trade” – underground photographs of naked men, women, and children. And while they are at it they reacquaint themselves with each other and memories and feelings thought long lost come back up to the surface.

This book inter-connects several of K.J.’s published and not-yet-published works. There are references to an enquiry agent in Robin Hood’s yard (Sins of the Cities-series – a series this book as originally intended to be a part of) and a combined prequel/epilogue was recently published on K.J. Charles Chat on Facebook and in her newsletter, connecting her Wanted, A Gentleman and her new novel Band Sinister (planed to be published in December 2018).

Like I said at the beginning I have liked every book of hers I have read and this was no exception. 10/10 would absolutely recommend.


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