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Bags in the making – Fabric delivery

Last week I blogged about the two bags I have planned to make.I ordered fabric on Oct 22nd and last night when the girls and I came home from school I had three slips in the mail telling me to come to the grocery store to fetch my packages that were too big to be… Continue reading Bags in the making – Fabric delivery

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Party plans

So, my little one had a birthday a few weeks ago and on Saturday we're having a party for her little friends.I try not to go over board on the planning, but I do admit to having a bit of an Amy Atlas-moment now and then.Last year I went a bit over board and we… Continue reading Party plans


New plans – again

Finally, 1 year later I managed to get things rolling on my big Project.Rickard is helping me out with the tech stuff. I'm sure I could get that done sort of but he is amazing that way.Plus I think he thinks it's fun.So watch this space cause things will soon look rather different here ...Yay!