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Something to remember

I just had to post this picture of my little cherub Sofia. Funniest thing - I was looking at her smile and realised that by this time next year she will probably not have those teeth any more. And she will not be gloriously 4 years any more but a really big girl at 5… Continue reading Something to remember

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I came across this picture today and I have to say that even though I disliked her colour choices, that hat was really pretty!I think I'll have to sneak a denim one in the sewing list before fall. The white one I made her is a bit sensitive to dirt.


Sofia at 4

Sofia appears to be our more imaginative child. She also gets herself into more trouble than Isabel ever did.- she likes to draw on herself with pens, preferably felt tip- she cuts her own hair (and refuses to acknowledge me when I ask her about it)- she will hide clothes she doesn't like to wear… Continue reading Sofia at 4