Laundry room re-do – step 1

Our washing machine died two weeks ago. I thought a broked dishwasher was a bad thing but a broken washer is way (way!) worse. We couldn’t get a repair guy out until ten days later and after discussing it we came to the conclusion that we should just get a new machine instead. The one we had was as old as the house and I was not interested in another saga like the one we lived through with the dishwasher a year ago.


So we bought this beauty! It takes a 16 lbs load and does a 1600 rpm spin cycle and I am in love.

We have planned a re-do of the laundry room for ages (since before we did up the attic) but things always got in the way. Now was the perfect time to get started on it when we had a guy coming to install the new machine anyway. He capped the pipes to the faucet we had in there and we took out the sink and cupboard as well.

The next step is measuring and ordering a counter top to go on top of the machines, a sink to go into the counter top and a new faucet. That’s all in step 2.

To be continued …

Candy bag

I’ve been coveting the shoes made by Shoe Bakery since I first saw them. Being on the larger side, feet wise I wouldn’t fit in them but I have been thinking about getting a pair just to keep for show.

But when they designed tote bags based on their ballerina flats I set my sights on one of those instead. They were still a bit pricey so I needed to save up first but last night I picked it up from the post office and it’s just as pretty as the sales pictures.


This is the larger tote bag and in it is my 13″ MacBookPro, two zippered pouches with pens and cords and stuffs, one Filofax and my wallet. It’s pretty stuffed but not uncomfortably so.

It’s not made from leather but some kind of pvc-material and it has a bit of a smell to it but I’m hoping that will air out over the next couple of days.

They have a smaller version of this bag on their site as well and I am sorely tempted to get it but I’m thinking it would be a bit much. Sofia flipped out when she saw it and asked for the smaller version – we’ll see if Santa brings one for her.




One of the last days before I went back to work we took the train to Copenhagen. It’s such a short train ride – it takes about 20 minutes from Malmö C to Copenhagen C.


The train runs along a 5 mile long bridge starting at the Swedish side, transferring to a 2.5 mile run along a man-made island (named Pepparholm) and plunging into the Öresund into a 2.5 mile tunnel before emerging in Denmark on the Amager island, right next to CPH Airport. We have completely given up using Malmö Airport for international travel because it’s so much easier to get to Denmark from where we live.

As soon as we came out of Copenhagen C the rain started. Luckily it was over after just a few minutes but it meant we had to wait under a roof directly opposite Tivoli and while we stood there both girls suddenly realised that the didn’t want anything more from life than to visit Tivoli right this minute.

Which wasn’t the plan. There was a bit of a sour face coming from them both when we wouldn’t budge, but it passed. Reluctantly.


This helped. Waffle on a stick dipped in chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. After lunch.

Rickard took them to Tivoli last week and they agreed it was worth the wait.

The Never Ending Story

I took a break on the sofa last Saturday and read a book (Lock In by John Scalzi) while I waited for the washer to finish its cycle. The neighbour kids were playing outside on their hoverboard (the kids call it a SwagWay in Sweden) and it kept beeping. It sounded pretty annoying and suspiciously regular for a toy. But whatever.

Cut to me three hours going to investigate why the washer wasn’t done … turns out the beeping wasn’t the hoverboard but the blasted washer sounding the “flood alarm”.

It hadn’t leaked any water (Thank you!) but it didn’t work. At all. And the error code only said to turn off the water and electricity and call a technician. Ominous.

So I booked a repair guy on their website (so convenient, I don’t even have to talk to a real person!) but the first available time was Thursday next week (10 days). Which is a bit long for a washer to be broken. (Never mind that we did laundry every other week when we lived in the flat, but we’re not equipped for that any more. Plus we were due for an Aunt Flo visit as well.)

Anyway. I prodded Rickard to convince him that we needed to buy a new washer but he wanted to hold off a bit (the payment for the new beds are due this month) and have the repair guy come take a look before we decide. Ok. Fine I said. We’ll do that but can we at least look at a new machine?


Welp, Friday afternoon at the white wares store, we end up with a high end machine to be delivered in-store on Tuesday with the added bonus of a plumber bringing it to us (on a still undecided date – it may be even later than Thursday, but who cares?!), installing it and capping the pipes to the faucet we have there now so we can get started on that reno I’ve been dreaming of for the last 5 years.

Double Yay!

This is going to be great!

New Colours


Rickard and I ordered new beds this summer. They’ll be delivered in late August – so long to wait! But that gave us the push we needed to repaint the bedroom.

When we bought this house in 2007 the builders had painted the grey walls and we did the purple accent wall ourselves. I liked it when we first made it but over the years I grew a bit tired of it. So we chose the same colour for the walls as the one we used downstairs last year.


It’s a white colour with some grey in it. I love it. To make life easier we chose it also because it matched the grey walls that were already in the room because one wall is purple, that would get painted, then there is a wall with a door that we painted and a half wall behind the door that also was freshened up. The rest of that side and the fourth wall are all wardrobes, windows and another door so we decided to be lazy and not paint those.


I like how the new colour works with the old. We have discussed taking out the wardrobes and replacing them with some Elfa-system shelves and crates and do sliding doors instead – the beds end up very close to the wardrobe doors so it would save a lot of space. Maybe we’ll go through with it now that we get new beds, we’ll see.

The paint was pretty much dry last night but we decided not to move the mattresses in after all. We’ll do that tonight. So Rickard slept on a bunk bed in his office, and I took the sofa.
Now the sofa is all well and good to fall asleep, and nap on – but I don’t think I’ll voluntarily sleep on it a whole night ever again.

Roadtripping – a short one this time

2016-07-30 11.02.52

We drove south east today to have a picnic somewhere along the coast. We hadn’t decided where as we left but we wanted to go somewhere we don’t normally go.

2016-07-30 12.07.53

My father has family out east so I was there rather often as a child. These days when we drive there we have a route that we follow and we wanted to try something different.

So we ended up in Kivik’s Harbour and ate our lunch. It was a bit overcast and there came a few drops of rain but over all it was really nice.

2016-07-30 12.05.26

We decided to drive to Café Olof Viktors to get some cinnamon buns to take home with us but we also wanted to see some more sights where we hadn’t been. So instead of heading west straight away we drove south along the coast, through Skillinge where my father grew up and decided to stop at Kyhl’s Beach.

2016-07-30 13.20.20

We hadn’t brought bathing suits and either way it was a bit chilly – especially in the water so we made do with just a stroll along the beach. Sofia was a bit disappointed with the seashell-hunt.

2016-07-30 13.15.11

Instead we drove on to get those cinnamon buns and head home.

Approximately 5 minutes after Rickard and Isabel were done cleaning out the car of sand and dirt the heavens opened and the rain poured down.

Sewing in bursts

2016-07-16 17.52.03

For some reason or other I haven’t been sewing much the past few months. I’ve made a tee for Sofia and a skirt for Isabel but the high production rate I had a few years ago is gone.

I have however made several tees for myself and before we left on our roadtrip I knew I had to make a few new ones.

The fabric is from Stoff och Stil in Malmö and the pattern is the Metro tee from Oliver + S – heavily modified to give me more tummy room and more room over the biceps.

I’m not thrilled with the neckbands but I am still holding out hope that they will look ok after a wash. I loved the red fabric on the bolt but I’m less fond of it on me – mostly because it was a bit thicker than the other and thus a lot warmer.

Kamado grill

2016-07-13 16.58.32

Rickard received a gas grill for his big birthday a few years ago. It lasted a year before it was blown over and broken in an autumn storm. We bought a new one but in my search for a replacement I came across a grill called the Big Green Egg.

I loved the look of it but the price tag was kinda steep. In the end we went with another gas grill but I couldn’t shake the idea of a BGE. So when we came across the same type of ceramic grill at half the price we decided to get one.

Rickard’s been having fun experimenting with it and once we started using an oven thermometer for the meat we’ve had a bit more success. The first tries were not a hit – although that was mostly because we misjudged the heat from the chili powder rather than the heat from the grill.

Celebrating a 12 yo

2016-07-15 11.13.14-2

Before we left on our road trip we celebrated our 12 year-old with a brunch  and cupcakes in the morning and some barbecue and cake in the evening since not all guest could make it in the morning.

I tried to keep the brunch simple but generous. We did yoghurt cups with raspberry sauce and crumbled cookies, baguettes with tuna and baguettes with smoked ham and red pepper pesto, eggs with dill mayo and shrimp, croissants (store bought) and coffee and tea and juice. We ended up with a comfortable amount of left-overs as well.

2016-07-15 13.43.49-1

I made vanilla cupcakes using a recipe from Cupcake Jemma on Youtube. A seriously easy recipe that tastes great. Chocolate frosting was requested and sprinkles.

2016-07-15 19.18.59-1

For cake in the evening I used a vanilla cake recipe from Yolanda Gampp (How To Cake It on Youtube – if you aren’t subscribed to that yet – why not?! She does amazing cakes). The cake works well for filling and decorating but I think I like it best just sliced as it it.

I filled it with whipped cream and cherry preserves. Sprinkles on top.

2016-07-16 09.55.07

Isabel got some lovely flowers that we had to throw out because we were leaving. The cream roses were hung up to dry but the peonies had to go or we would have had a table full of petals when we came back home.

2016-07-17 07.28.27-1

Isabel’s birthday is the same as our wedding anniversary so I asked Rickard to buy some flowers on the morning of the party. Sadly they had to go as well. They looked lovely while they lasted.

Stand back and throw

2016-07-25 20.36.42-1

I made a super delicious and deceptively easy dessert for us last night.

Creamy vanilla yoghurt, cubed apples fried in butter with cinnamon sugar, lightly toasted (mostly just warmed) marshmallows ad a drizzle of golden syrup on top.

It looks fancy and put-together but I took the very last of the yoghurt because it was past its expiry date, the apples had to be creatively cut to remove all the brown spots. We only had two marshmallows each and then the bag was empty and then the syrup is something I always keep at home.

I would have preferred vanilla ice cream but that was not to be.

Layer in a pretty glass or cup and watch the girls Oooh and Aaaah when they receive one each.