Books to (Re-)Read in 2019

In which I natter on about what books I want to read and re-read next year. Spoiler: There are a lot.

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Book Thoughts: Band Sinister

I must have said before but I'll start the same way - I found KJ Charles books in February last year and got hooked immediately. Once the book I read was finished I tracked down her entire back catalogue and devoured it. Her books are usually pretty grim with people getting hurt or dying in… Continue reading Book Thoughts: Band Sinister


Book Thoughts: Invitation to the Blues

Last year I joined the Facebook-group of a new favourite author and picked up several book recommendations for other authors from there. Among others I found Small Change by Roan Parrish. Small Change is about tattoo artist Ginger's and cook Christopher's love story and it was amazing and it needs a review all of its… Continue reading Book Thoughts: Invitation to the Blues


Book Thoughts: The Prisoner of Zenda

For reasons that will become apparent I picked up The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope a few weeks ago. It is available for free at Project Gutenberg. It was written in 1894 so it has fallen out of copyright. It was written at the same time as Arthur Conan Doyle wrote his Sherlock Holmes books and the language… Continue reading Book Thoughts: The Prisoner of Zenda