a day in the life

Summer time


I’ve had a bit much to do lately and I’ve let the blog slide a bit.  Let’s play catch-up.

Summer arrived this past weekend and on Friday it’s Midsummer’s Eve. The peonies in our garden are in bloom and I had to cut the largest buds off the plant because they were resting on the lawn and that always make them die sooner.

Of course the flowers are full of ants so I can’t bring them inside. Right now they are in a mason jar on our patio.

I finished the butterfly quilt last week. I’ll do it’s own post for it soon. I haven’t quilted it but the top is done.

I also finished my initial Goodreads Book Challenge this weekend. I had set it for 40 books but with more than half the year left I felt I could safely up the challenge to 60 books. After my reading bonanza this weekend I only have another 17 books to go.

The girls are on summer holidays. Their school ended last Friday. I still have two more weeks to work before I take my vacation.


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