Campfire Messenger Bag · i sew · vacation


Today is my first vacation day of 2017. It started well with sunny skies and not too much wind. I went to town for a breakfast meeting with a supplier (yes, work on my vacation, but it’s always more of a meeting with a friend so …)

Once I got back home the clouds started to gather and the rain began and it’s been raining more or less for the rest of the day. Until now that is, at 7 pm it cleared up and it’s really nice out right now, if a bit chilly.

I started making a bag for Isabel. She asked for a new messenger bag for when she starts school in August. It all went well but then I had to unpick an ugly top stitching and while I was at it I jammed the seam ripper into my thumb (it got buried almost 1/2″ in) and I decided it was time for a break. Plus I really didn’t want to bleed on her bag.

I think I’ll pick it up again tomorrow.


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