I’ve been sewing a bit more with knits lately. I’m still learning and my finish isn’t as nice as I would like yet but it’s getting there. Today I managed to sew up this purple tee, using a Liesl & Co pattern – The Metro T-shirt for women.

You might think it’s for me, but Isabel turns 10 in less than two months and she is 167 cm tall and already needs to wear ladies sizes. Since she prefers to wear knits and I can still recall the drag of trying to find clothes for myself as a tall girl I am seeing this “learning to sew with knits” as pretty much necessary for her (and her sister’s) teen years.


I made a tee for myself as well. For this I used the same pattern but in men’s sizes. I lengthened the arms 2 inches but forgot to add a bit of length to the body, hence it’s a bit disproportionate. As soon as it dries from the wash I will try it on again and if I still like it I will make myself another one.

It’s actually a lot more fun to sew with knits than I had told myself. I’m guessing it has to do with being a bit more experienced.


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